Custody Bank Services

Our services for custody banks include:

1. Drafting, Negotiation and Servicing Questions/Disputes for:

  • Custody and Trust Agreements
  • Group Trusts
  • Collateral Control Agreements
  • Administrative and Accounting Agreements
  • Securities Lending Agreements

2. Review and Negotiation of Documentation for:

  • Private Placements (LLCs or other vehicles)
  • Investment Arrangements or Structures, including
    • Swap Agreements
    • Futures and Options Accounts
    • Prime Brokerage Accounts

3. Advise concerning:

  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Prohibited Transactions (analysis and exemptions)
  • Corporate Actions; Class Action Processing; Pricing Issues; Global Tax Reclaims; Class Action Processing
  • Operational Procedures and Controls
  • Risk Management

4. Global Custody Network and Agreements and Operational Issues

5. Capital Markets Products; Domestic and Global Deposit Account Structure and Compliance

6. Fiduciary Training

Case Studies