About The Firm

Valentine Law LLC  — Focusing on Asset Servicing for Institutional Investors

Valentine Law LLC serves the needs of Institutional Investors and service providers dealing with Asset Servicing issues. John has over 25 years of experience with custody banks, investment managers and plan sponsors dealing with the inter-twined areas of law, regulations — and, importantly, industry practices — which impact the purchase, holding, administration and sale of assets by ERISA and governmental benefit plans, Mutual Funds, Endowments and Foundations. He is unique, in that he understands both the investment and benefits businesses from all perspectives: plan/fund sponsors, service providers, and fiduciaries.

  • Asset Servicing is the nuts and bolts of investing.  It involves an integrated understanding of the roles and risks of the various market participants, their legal obligations, typical agreements, investment structures and instruments, and the laws and regulations which impact institutional investors.

Our Mission: It is our commitment to provide expert advice in a practical, bottom-line oriented manner – promptly – and at reasonable rates. Initial consultations are free. Contact us to get started.