Focused on Asset Servicing

Valentine Law LLC

Valentine Law LLC is a specialty firm focused on all aspects of Asset Servicing for Institutional Investors, including Fund Sponsors, Managers, Custody Banks -- and other law firms needing expertise in this area.

Asset Servicing encompasses the full range of law and regulations impacting how investments are made, held, administered and serviced, including ERISA fiduciary duties, prohibited transactions, mutual fund custody, global custody, corporate actions, class actions, etc. --- all aspects of custody and management operations.

Fund Sponsors

Expertise in dealing with Banks and Managers; Risk Management; Fiduciary Audits.

Investment Managers

ERISA fiduciary expertise in fund operations and structure; domestic and global custody arrangements; negotiation of custody and management agreements.

Custody Banks

Over 23 years of hands-on legal experience in all aspects of domestic and global custody.

Law Firms

Provide expertise as needed to assist clients without referring matters to other firms; consult on specialty issues.